Keiran Meegan and Ricki-Lee Robbie are the creative minds behind Idle Hands - a furniture and product design workshop based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Idle Hands began as a creative experiment for the pair who sought to combine Keiran's metal fabrication skills from years as a ship builder, with Rickie-Lee's command of line as a printmaker. The result, are objects that embody a sense of calm through their artful simplicity, and whose form provides a thoughtful purpose - a clear function in the home. 

2017 promises to be an exciting year for Idle Hands as Keiran and Rickie-Lee embark on a new collection of furniture and objects. Idle Hands will be presenting their new and current creations at trade fairs in Melbourne, Australia. 

At the Storehouse, we carry a range of Idle Hands' pieces, and are open to discussing and organising custom made pieces. 

Please contact Storehouse to discuss our current Idle Hands range or to design your own custom piece. 

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