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LEisa Wharington

For over 25 years, Leisa has worked from her studio in Merricks North on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria surrounded by bush land and nature, her work is clearly inspired by her environment. The Studio was built by family and friends out of mud brick and evolved over time to become a shared creative space for jewellers and painters alike. They held an annual market every year at The Studio for the public to marvel in the secluded and beautiful landscape. Leisa has a new location in Hastings and plans to continue on this tradition in coming years in this new location equally as magical and fitting for the creative people who surround and inspire her. 

“Seeing something transform from grains of sand to a physical thing, just by adding heat — it’s not like anything else”.

Each of Leisa’s pieces is a perfect blend of classic shape, colour and technique with a light hearted yet confident contemporary overlay. Even her most bold and dramatic work maintains a care and subtlety that speaks of her love of her craft.

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