Amanda Diamond

Amanda works primarily in charcoal and
chalk, incorporating other mediums when desired, such as paint and collage. She lives in Venus Bay, South Gippsland, Victoria. In addition to her art, she is a passionate Apiarist, her studio shared with her blending of honey.
Her works are intended to be very natural and unpretentious. Thus the raw presentation, leaving display methods up to the purchaser to determine. Personally, she tends to simply pin her works in any space she inhabits. The charcoal finger prints and rumpled paper adding to the authenticity. ‘I love to work on a big scale! Whether a giant horse for the forecourt of the Arts Centre, Melbourne or a vast Rangoli covering the floor of the Great Hall of the NGV. I have seen the large scale in my work as a creative celebration! Since living in South Gippsland I am so inspired by nature and my drawings are a response to the wonder I see in all the creatures and plants around me.

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