Ilanel is a Melbourne based creative studio, whose design objects combine artistic values, aesthetics and quality. 

Established in 2010, Ilanel's creations can be seen around the world, from bespoke lighting in high-end residential projects, to large scale commercial and hospitality installation. 

Ilanel passion for innovative design extends beyond the physicality of mere objects. Design is about experience – a philosophy that encompasses spatial relationships and the creation of touch points between people, artefacts and their evolving environments. 

ILANEL is the creative engine behind ilanel design studio. After practicing as an architect overseas, he graduated from RMIT’s Industrial Design Masters program and submersed himself in Australia’s culture. Experiential illumination is his passion and he designs with philosophical awareness. Many of his designs are interactive, contemporary and playful, making them whimsical and engaging. His unique understanding of people and spaces, as well as his ability to work with a variety of materials, makes him shine with bespoke briefs.

At the Storehouse, we carry a range of Ilanel's creations, including some limited edition pieces. Please contact us to discuss Ilanel's range in shop.



A hand turned pendant and table lamp inspired by the planet Saturn. These sensual spheres are made from ethically sourced plantation Pine, hand stained in water based varnish and fitted with a multifaceted clear acrylic diffuser. By projecting a ring of light on its surrounding, Saturn creates a galactic light experience. 

Pendant - $475.00

Table Light - $525.00

Pendant and Table Light and both available in white and black.


Ripple (Limited Edition)

A repetitive fluid undulation is the inspiration behind this new sensual design.  A Pendant and Floor Lamp, featuring elegant detailing fusing form and function. Available in Champagne, Gold and Bronze powder coated shades that will compliment a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

Floor Lamp - $500.00

Pendant Small - $200

Pendant Large - $300

Available in Champagne, Golden Touch and Medium Brown

Ilanel Wool Ball on Design Hunter.jpg

Woolball (Limited Edition)

The woolball series are handcrafted lampshades, woven with natural yarns to form a precise and tactile sculptural pieces. When illuminated, they create a spectacular play of light and shade that often takes the center of attention.

Pendent - $600.00

Available in navy and chocolate



An adjustable lighting piece inspired by the contemporary Japanese dance ‘Butoh’ Four elongated rays of light representing limbs and joints, creating formations of expression linking body and mind in a form of dance with light.

Pendant 500 - $2650.00

Pendant 700 - $2860.00

Available in black or white



The concept behind Rain is illuminating: a multi-sensory experience of sight and sound that invites touch and interaction. Rain captures the shimmery sparkle of raindrops frozen in descent and voices a whimsy chime of flutes. Individual drops are visually quite subtle, but gain tremendous strength when multiplied and clustered in large groups. It is a playful piece with the sleekness of a design classic that is suitable for residential and commercial use.

Cloud with 10 Drops - $2480.00

Cloud with 6 Drops - $1650.00






The kahdu collection features hand crafted lampshades based on a mathematical composition of a high-impact pattern. Its invasive effects are irresistible, and while intriguing, also visually striking. These bespoke pieces appear to be ‘breathing’ and give the impression of movement and depth, reminiscent of the Op Art movement of the 1960s. Kahdu offers a bold sculptural presence and is a perfect statement to any modern space.

412D - $1320.00

644 - $600

Available in a wide verity of colours. Please contact for full list.






Stella, Latin for star, is defined as a heavenly body appearing as a fixed luminous point in the night sky. And thus began our journey to create this striking series of lamps & pendants. As each planet glows uniquely, each Stella shines its own unique texture through specially made mouth-blown glass shade. A series of gold rays surrounding the precious sphere, crowning and protecting it. A perfect finishing touch is a small golden ball to neatly weigh down the woven fabric flex. 

Table light - $1180.00

Avalible in Gold or Silver



Pendant - $440

Avalible in Black or White



Pendant - $660

Avalible in copper