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Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton is a practicing artist and teacher who has been based on the Mornington Peninsula for more than a decade. She has created numerous exhibitions with her sculpture and works on paper as well as co-founding The Studio & Co alongside Leisa Wharington over the past year. Most recently Julie has been showing her work at the Cook Street Collective in Flinders and in 2015 won the Best in Show art prize at the Mornington Peninsula Art Show.

Julie’s creative approach is unique and often displays her quirky sense of humor, her work often described as whimsical and nostalgic with narratives that employ objects and characters with symbolic and metaphoric representations. She creates an almost surreal landscape, the Las Vegas boneyard, The Circus, or the Side Show are all regularly occurring subjects in her works, providing a stage or closeted environment. A place where nothing is quite what it seems, everyday objects take on a role of importance and mystery.

“In my work, discarded signage and oversized confectionary are the norm.”

Julie has most recently begun to re-direct her attention to teaching; now offering classes at The Studio & Co’s new space in Hastings.

As a community based art teacher she likes to encourage her students to think outside the square, to make the artwork provoke thought and conversation.

Please contact Storehouse to discuss our Julie Hamilton pieces.

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