Kerry Spokes

Kerry Spokes is a contemporary artist living and working in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

The everyday human condition, memory, humour, the fantastical, politics, her landscape and environment - are just some of the diverse subject matters that she works with.

The exploration of medium and technique has always been important with drawing and printmaking as her main areas of practice in the past.  

For the last four years she has concentrated on using mobile devices to create imagery (iphone, ipad and apps), striving to extend the boundaries of what is possible with digital collage using photographs and apps on her ipad only.

The digital medium has become a useful tool for developing and recording ideas and concepts she wants to portray, and in turn is informing her latest drawing and print works. Her iphone artworks are very much a part of her regular art practice now and will continue to be a big component of her work.