Lilly Chorny

Flowers represent life, regeneration and decay.  Although delicate and short-lived they have acquired a vast range of durable meanings and significance. Used for ceremonies in most cultures they can represent forgiveness, love, and respect and have the power to convey human emotions and thoughts. They can also provoke feelings of happiness. There is a long history of floral painting dating back to the Egyptians through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance reaching a zenith with the Impressionists.  Artists continue to paint flowers. The language of flower painting is a reminder of the transience of all worldly things.

Lilly Chorny has held 15 solo exhibitions in Australia and the UK.

She has been a finalist in most major art prizes including the Alice Prize, the Fleurieu Landscape Prize, Tattersalls Prize and the Conrad Jupiter’s Prize.  Her work is held in numerous private and corporate collections in Australia, the UK, USA and Hong Kong.

For most of her career, oil painting was her chosen medium. She now mainly works on paper using ink, paint and pen.