"I work with a variety of media including installation/sculptural constructed pieces with found/recycled materials as well as printmaking, [mainly Monoprints] and painting.

The work is influenced by the environment, be it the coastal and bush area in which I live in South Gippsland or other areas I have visited such as Antarctica, the Barrier Reef - visited annually for family reasons - the Simpson Desert and other remote places.

My constructed works, often woven or collaged, cut and reconstructed into 3D assemblages, reflect on a more man made environment, making use of and commenting on the amazing amount of waste we produce. 

I have exhibited in many exhibitions all around Australia as well as overseas and I am represented in a number of public and private collections.

My art training includes a Post Graduate and Masters degree from the Victorian College of the Arts". 

At the Storehouse, we have a range of Mandy's works, including constructed works, oil paintings, watercolours and acrylic paintings. 

Please contact Storehouse to discuss our Mandy Gunn pieces.

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