“Thanks Thomas – you offer such insightful observations which encourage me to really think about how I express myself”  Jacqui Rotthier - Teacher

“We all got so much out of our sessions with you and want to spread the word to as many people as possible, It was an amazing experience and I really have got so much out of it. You were fantastic and made us all feel very comfortable as well as really inspired”  Tanya Bolam – Administrations

“Perhaps the unique aspect of the way you work is the initial Personal Assessment. You were able to help me feel comfortable, despite my considerable insecurities around my dress sense. The process was inspiring and enjoyable, and I felt you really nailed it in terms of identifying how I could create my own unique expression through my wardrobe” Sonia Lee - Consultant

“Thanks again - We all said it’s the best thing we have done are so grateful that your talents are to be shared with us” Leanne Moore – Hair Salon Owner

Personal Styling, Colour Consulting & Wardrobe Assessment

This is a gentle and fun review of your understanding of your present position and education towards future needs, supported by an review of your existing wardrobe in order to

  • Discover what works for you and why

  • What can be useful, yet requires rethinking

  • What is no longer supportive

  • Elements that could be added for best results

Shopping & Purchasing

This is an assisted shopping expedition to purchase wardrobe elements identified in Personal Styling, Colour Consulting & Wardrobe Assessment and to demonstrate a sustainable and effective shopping experience. This stage will

  • Complete your current wardrobe needs

  • Confirm new understandings of your personal presentation

  • Provide an experience of correct fitting and quality garments

  • Provide an experience of appropriate purchasing

Hair & Make-up

This is a hands on consultation with an experienced hair & make-up artist. We will advise on haircut & colour and apply appropriate and individually effective make-up from day to evening. Whilst advising on technique, product and skin care.

Special Event Personal Styling

This is a one off service where we can simply assist you to look your absolute best for that very special occasion.

Group Styling & Colour Consulting

This is a two x 3 hour discussion group held in a venue of your choice. We address the issue of appropriate and expressive personal presentation and its positive results. Whilst learning some basic skills which each participant can apply to themselves. In this seminar you will

  • Understand the value of individual personal presentation

  • Learn about appropriate personal presentation

  • Experience effective use of shape, colour & texture

  • Gain knowledge of the value of quality and fit

  • Learn how to apply these skills to your wardrobe

Maximum 5 participants.


Personal Styling, Colour Consult & Wardrobe Assessment  (min 2hrs)     

                                         150.00 per hour


Shopping & Purchasing     125.00 per hour

                                         850.00 full day or 2 1/2 days.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Hair & Make-up                 150.00 per hour                                                                                                                                       


Special Event Styling         125.00 per hour                                                                                                          


Group Consultations           295.00 per participant                                                                                                                      


Please note these rates are GST exclusive