touchwood timber

Touchwood Timber are a small timber products business operating in South Gippsland, specializing in the manufacture and supply of handcrafted bespoke furniture and homewares. 

Many of the products are made from locally sourced, recycled timbers that are cut on a portable saw mill and include the use of storm felled trees, old road/rail bridges, wharf/jetty timbers and serve to preserve some of the early history of settlement in South Gippsland.

There furniture products are made from eco friendly regrowth plantation timber supplied by the Australian Sustainable Hardwood mill operating in North East Gippsland. These timbers are cut and processed using energy supplied by our Off Grid Solar system.

The goal is to minimise their carbon footprint during the production of this sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable range of quality timber products.

Please contact Storehouse to discuss our Touchwood Timber pieces.

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