My home is situated just metres from the landscape where potatoes and onions grow and sheep and cows graze and has become my subject for a few years now.

My paintings are very layered and full with a very intuitive colour palette, the underpainting and mark making is deliberately covered up and rubbed back over and over again.  It is within the process of making to build a true surface that exhibits history and substance which is of importance to my practice.

I rarely use brushes, I feel it is so important to be as close to the works as possible, drawing, squeezing paint directly from the tube, turning the canvas upside down, sideways, throwing buckets of pigment and turps, letting it all fall as it should. Painting is a physical extension of my thoughts, my desires, my subconscious dialogue as visual (abstract) non representational form.

I have always loved the accidental nature of abstraction, its playfulness and its anger, its connection to my emotions.  I feel so innately connected to nature, spending time outdoors is paramount to my knowledge and understanding of seeing and painting my observations in an abstract manner allows me to be free in creating a more personal and honest reaction to my subject. The texture, the shapes, the ever changing colour gives me a never ending visual I can interpret as I please and as nature predicts, nothing is truly perfect or ordered.  It is the journey through the process of the making that determines the work's finale..this is the joy..the unknowing of it all, the fear, the courage, everything...

My paintings are the result of risk.

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