zak chaLmers

Valley Plains Pottery – Zaks’ work explores the pure in clay; the relationship between malleable clay, raw material additions and fire. His work is a reflection of belonging and experiencing. It represents connection between certainty and the indifferent. Between living functionality and sensual simplicity.

"I have examined over the past fifteen years the collation between flame, carbon, oxygen and wood varieties and the raw materials I dig from the ground and have learnt how to find a level of certainty. These are constantly challenged and often enhanced by the indefinite effects of wood firing. This connection intrigues me and guides my work. Form and balance are always constant considerations of mine when making, as is the art of capturing the basic malleable qualities of the clay, not covering these qualities but rather being true and honest to the material. I am also interested in how my pieces go beyond me and become an augmenting presence in someone else’s daily life and habitual rituals".

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